Turn your Google Latitude history data into pictures with latvis.

If you managed to find this page, you probably know this is early-beta software, and probably still has bugs. If you have bug reports or feedback, I'd love to hear it:


Step 1: Pick the area
Hold down shift while dragging to draw a box around the area to visualize.

Step 2: Pick the date range
Step 3: Authorize access to your location data
If you do this, you are granting me acces to your entire location history!
You should probably think twice before you do this:
  • I might be malicious (I'm not, but how can you be sure?), and use this data for a bad reason.
  • I might be incompetent (I don't think I am, but I might be), and accidentally leak this data to someone who is malicious.
All I can say is:
  • I don't keep your raw location history after the picture is generated.
  • I don't keep the token granting access to your data after the picture is generated.
  • Currently, I do keep the generated picture indefinitely, but don't store who generated it.
  • I'd like to make the pictures delete/expire after a short period of time soon, but that isn't done yet!
  • I tried (hard) to make sure no one can see the picture unless you give them the link. (But this goes back to the point about incompetence.)
  • The source code is available here: http://wwww.github.com/mrjones/latvis
You must pick an area on the map before proceeding.